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TOP 10 Best Laser tape measures 2015 - 2016

Top 10 laser tape measures 2016

Laser Tape Measures, otherwise known as Laser Distance Measure Tools or Laser Distance Finders, are smart automatic tape measures that use electronic technology to give accurate results of measurements such as length, height, volume, angles, surface area, etc. This kind of tool are very time saving and are most popular with Masons, quantity surveyors, structural engineers and architects who consider them a companion in accomplishing their daily tasks. The list below talks about several of these tools.

1. Bosch DLR 130k Laser Measerer ( Best laser tape measures 2016 )

This digitized tool offers quick, easy and above all accurate measurements, with the ability to cover a 130ft range and a 1/16 inch accuracy level. It gives measurements in four modes I.e length, area, volume, and continuous maximum versatility as well as four measurement systems, which are; inches, foot and inches, decimal feet and metrics.To achieve all this, it utilizes precision laser technology as a way of guaranteeing accuracy. One helpful advantage it has is an egornomic soft grip area which enables it to be firmly but comfortably hand held.
The Best Laser Tape Measures

2. Bosch GLR 225 Laser Distance Measerer  ( laser tape measures 2016 )

With an accuracy level of 1/16 and a distance range covering from 2inches to 230 ft, this tool is equipped with a multi surface area mode that enables it to calculate the total surface area of several surfaces with a common height or length. Incorporating the precision laser where the beam does both pointing and measuring, it can give units of measurements in several modes such as length, area volume, min-max, continuous, indirect length, an multi-surface area measurements. Additionally, it has a built-in vial bubble which provides visual reference for horizontal measurements.

The Best Laser Tape Measures
3. Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer  ( laser tape measures 2016 )

This is yet another automatic measuring tool and product of the Bosch family which also utilizes precision laser technology to give a measuring accuracy of 1/16. It has a range of up to 165ft and measures in 5 modes which include length, area, volume, continuous and indirect length measurements. It provides for use of reference points such as front to back of unit and/or center if a tripod is in use. You can never go wrong with this tool. Still, it has an automatic backlit display that makes viewing easy and convenient and includes a belt pouch, carry loop, 2 AAA batteries at point of purchase and a user manual to guide you through.

The Best Laser Tape Measures
4. Stanley STHT77138X Laser Distance Measurer  ( laser tape measures 2016 )

This is a straight forward tool calculating units in distance, area and volume, this digital measuring tool can cover a range of 100ft with a 3/32 precision. This tool can perform both continuous measurement tracking as well as addition and subtraction functions, making it very user friendly as it doubles up as a calculator. Purchase includes a quick user guide manual and 2 AAA batteries.

The Best Laser Tape Measures
5. Zircon Multiscanner 1520 Centre Finding Strud with Metal and AC Electric Scanner Best laser tape measures 2016 

It gets its name from the ability to locate the edges and centers of timber or metal studs upto 1 1/2 inches deep, it can scan for metal and live AC wires, this function is aided by a wire warning detection that indicates the presence of live unsheilded electric wires up to 2inches deep. Additionally, has an easy to read LCD display audio enabled alert tone and a patented spot lite system which indicates the stud center.

The Best Laser Tape Measures
6. Laser Measure Foreso F100 328f Distance Measuring tool  ( laser tape measures 2016 )

This portable smart measuring tool offers a range of up to 328ft/100 inches, its units of measurement are inches, feet, decimal feet, and metric units with multi measurement, single, distant, continuous, and area measurements. It has a backlit display as well which enable it to provide visibility especially in dark working areas. Due to its portability and its pocketable sized it is very popular and likable among many professionals because of its ease and convenience to carry around.

The Best Laser Tape Measures
7. Dewalt DW03050 165-feet Laser Ditance Measurer

This tool is best fit for indirect height measurement as well as automatic area and volume calculation. It can measure a maximum distance of 165ft with an accuracy level of 1/16. It makes quick and easy estimates, has a unique advantage of having a memory unit which stores the last 5 measurements with a 2 line backlit display that helps to improve screen visibility. It has been drop tested with IPTS and proved to be water and debris resistant.

The Best Laser Tape Measures
8. Bosch GLM 80. 265 ft Lithium-Ion Laser Distance Measurer

This Lithium-Ion battery charged electronic tape measure allows up to 25,000 single measurements per charge and has a range coverage of 265ft with 1/16 accuracy. It is built with level attachment which includes 2 axes 90 degree tilt sensors which enables indirect measurement with one click of a button. The backlit display function coupled with the tilt screen technology offers easy multidirectional view. It is a favorite among many as it enables professionals to calculate distance, area, volume, an angles fast and accurately. It is best suited for people ith multiple measurement activities.
The Best Laser Tape Measures

9. Dewalt DW088K Self leveling Crossline Laser

It is backlight enabled with a self-leveling range of +/- 40 and also over molded housing IPS4 resistant to water and debris. It projects very bright simultaneous horizontal and vertical lines although full time pulse mode enables you to use the detector. Also, it is integrated with a magnetic pivoting base which includes a 1/4 inch thread and comes with AA batteries at purchase.

The Best Laser Tape Measures
10. Bosch GLR 825 Laser Distance Measurer

This electronic tape measure has a measuring distance range of a whooping 825ft with an accuracy level of 3/64 inches/1mm with a 1.6x magnified view finder, perfect for long ranges and outdoor measurements. Multi surface ara mode enables it to calculate the total area of several single surfaces which share a common length or height. With an in-built memory storage, it stores up to 30 results and units of measurements, these include area, volume, time measurements,stak out trapezoid multiurface area, min & max continous, indirect length, etc.

The Best Laser Tape Measures
Conclusion  ( laser tape measures 2016 )

If you are planning to learn more about these handy tools, or are about to replace yours and looking for options, then this could be a great place to start off. These gadgets are sure time savers and highly accurate but while aquiring a new automatic measuring tool, be sure to consider range of coverage as well because it is a crucial factor in laser tape measures and may vary from one device to another.